Using Velcro To make your Life easier.

Velcro is like a fastener for things. It includes two plastic sheets, one with hooks and the other with

loops, which stick together when put together. It was launched in 1955, and its name comes from by

combining the word “velvet” with the word “crochet.” There are many brands that manufacture velcro, which is also known as “hook and loop”, such as Strenco. This product is amazing because it is used in a

number of DIY products.

Following are some surprisingly easy and simple do-it- yourself tricks that would definitely come in handy

at your home. Read through this article and get ready to have your mind blown.

1. Hang all those toys!

Tired of filling boxes and boxes of tiny toys that your child plays with and leaves around just like that?

Tired of stepping over pointy dinky cars and Lego pieces? We have a brilliant solution for you! Put up a

large Velcro strip on the wall with the side which has hooks on it toward the wall in your kid's bedroom

or playing area. Use the other side, which has loops on it, to stick or hook small toys on it. You can use

the loops in any creative way that you wish to and attach toys to it to make your life easier.

2. Your lunch will no more be a nightmare

You have a lovely garden, but you don”t like hosting lunch parties there, especially on windy days? It can

be a real struggle to leave a lasting impact on the guest and create an impression with your outstanding

culinary skills if the tablecloth decides to fly off the table every time the wind blows. Guess what? Velcro

can help you fix that! All you need to do is sew a strip of Velcro on each side of your table cloth and stick

pieces of it on your table as well. Ta-da! That’s all you need to do to make sure the table cloth does not

fall off every time there’s a breeze. You can now host lunches and parties easily and put your beautiful

garden to good use.

3. No more “where’s the remote”

Every house today literally has more electronic devices than people living in it, and every electronic

device comes with a separate remote. We’ve often heard the cries of “where’s the remote” from angry

dads who’ve just returned from work or a pissed off sister who came back from university and wanted

to relax while watching her favorite serial. Finding the right remote for the right device can be a bit of a

problem if you have too many remotes at your home. Velcro is, once again, back to help you! All you

need to do is a stick a bit of velcro dots to the back of every remote and the other side of it on a wall. It

will help you save a lot of time looking for the remote. All you need to do is stick the remote on the wall

whenever you’re done using it, and ta-da! You have a nicely organized remote section.

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