Some must have Velcro Moments

1. No more dinner table embarrassments

Do you get embarrassed in front of your guests when the dining table chair makes it difficult for them to

sit on because the cushion keeps sliding off? Does the tablecloth of your beautiful dining table ruin the

entire majestic effect because it keeps flying right onto everyone's faces? Have you had bad hosting

experiences because of these tiny problems? Say goodbye to all your worries and make Velcro your


All you need to do is stick the Velcro strip on the wood of your dining table chair and sew it on the back

of your cushion. This will keep the cushion in place and allow you guest to sit comfortably. Similarly, to

keep the naughty tablecloth in place, all you need to do is sew a Velcro strip under your tablecloth and

stick the other side on the dinner table. You can, then, easily stick the tablecloth on and not worry about

it sliding off or flying in the faces of your guests. Apply these life-saving hacks and host a dinner that

leaves an impression!

2. Save your sweaters

Using a sweater after it gets washed can be depressing and might leave you feeling weird about

yourself. The reason behind this is the numerous tiny balls that form on your sweater after it comes out

of the dryer. These balls or, as they are called in the experts' language, sweater pills ruin the overall

winter look and spoil the day you thought you were going to rock. Don't need to worry about it

anymore, dear one. Velcro is here to your rescue. All you need to do is take one side of a Velcro strip

and place it on your palm. Move it across your sweater gently and see the magic! The sweater pills will

come out of your sweater and stick to the strip instead. Ta-da! Go rock your outfit!

3. No more dish towel ditching you

Have you ever been in the kitchen at that peak moment when your dish is ready and smells wonderful,

and all you need to do now is take it off the stove, but your hand goes for the dish towel and you realize

it has slipped off the bar onto the floor? Have you ever felt angry when you want to clean the counter

and find the towel on the floor and you have to bend and pick the damned thing up? You don't need to

worry because sticking a Velcro strip on the over door's handle and sewing the other strip on the towel

will help you get out of this daily trouble!

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