DIY Hacks with Velcro

Velcro has been the talk of the town since the day it was launched, and all the credit goes to the

amazing usability of the product, but there are many other brands that are just as good such as Strenco. You can get them both on was invented by Georges de Mestral in the year 1955 and

immediately became a huge success. This Swiss engineer happened to come across this product one day

while taking a walk in the woods and observing some burrs that stuck to his clothes as well as to his

dog's fur. He researched on this product for around 8 years before finally launching it. The name of this

product is, interestingly, a combination of two words: velvet and crochet.

Velcro is basically a fastener that sticks together and helps you stay organized and keep things in place

because of the hooks on one side and loops on the other that stick when placed together.

Here are some ways of doing justice to this amazing work of art! Read through this article to find out

some amazing DIY hacks that will help you stay organized.

1. Time to keep trays in place

You have a number of trays in your home, and the basic aim of getting them was to make sure things

stay in place, but that didn't quite happen because the trays keep falling off or mixing up? We use trays

in kitchens to store spoons and forks, in our dressing rooms to store makeup brushes or nail polishes, in

our washrooms to store creams or tooth brushes, and even in our study area to keep pencils and pens

together. Our seemingly brilliant plan turns into a nightmare when we realize that we have too many

trays in one place and they keep falling. A great way to master the art of organizing trays is to use Velcro

strips! All you need to do is stick a Velcro strip under the tray and the other strip on the table where you

wish to put it. Stick the tray on it and stop worrying about it moving. You can now study, cook, or do

your makeup in complete peace.

2. Control the cords

Too many electronic devices at your place? Do you see wires and cords wherever you look? We got your

back! No need to worry about stepping over wires and no need to go through the struggle of untangling

cords anymore. A Velcro strip is your savior. Attach a Velcro strip to all those computer cords and keep

them together. Then, stick them on the carpet or floor to keep the bundle in one place. You can do the

same to secure your laptop wires or mobile charger wires and keep them in a clean and organized

fashion by wrapping a Velcro strip around them to keep them organized. You can easily have all those

random wires under your control by using a Velcro strip. It is high time you stopped cords from ruling

over your home!

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