DIY Sweatshirt Pockets Using VELCRO


The importance of pockets is usually underestimated. Not only do they serve as a storage space for our

carry-ons, but they also provide you with the possibility of emptying your hands at any minute. In

modern-day fashion, not all sweatshirts are equipped with the right pockets. However, with a little bit of

creativity and usage of VELCRO products or hook and loop product like Strenco, you can install your very own do-it- yourself pocket on your

favorite sweatshirt! Decorate and design it as per your own sense of fashion, and what is most exciting is

that you can create interchangeable ones. Change them as per your mood!

Materials Required

 Sweatshirt

 Fabric with a pattern

 VELCRO Brand Attach-A- Patch Tape

 Sewing machine

 Scissors

 Printable pocket templates

Do-It- Yourself Sweatshirt Pockets

Step 1: Measure, Trace, and Cut

Using the sweatshirt pocket template, trace out your patterned fabric in order to have a rough design of

the pocket you are installing onto your sweatshirt. Once you have a trace, use the scissors to cut out the

fabric into the pocket style you want to make. Now, go ahead and use the seam allowances of the

pocket template to trace them onto the VELCRO Brand Attach-A- Patch Tape. Once done, you will need

to cut them off. Note that the pocket template may be quite large for a sweatshirt, so you may need to

print it off on two pieces of papers – preferably split in half.

Step 2: Sewing time!

The hook side of the VELCRO product get the sew on hook and loop, is going to be sewed to the sweatshirt as per the placement of

your pocket. Carefully use a sewing machine to complete this task. Now using the seam allowances you

cut off, iron them down onto your pocket that you cut off. Now get the loop side of the VELCRO product

and sew it onto the pockets.

Step 3: Attach It to Your Sweatshirt

Your sweatshirt now has the hook of the VELCO products waiting for their pockets to be attached. You

can stick your pockets onto them and add a whole new touch to your sweatshirt. This process can be

altered slightly as per the design and measurements to allow for a whole new do-it- yourself experience.

Furthermore, these pockets are interchangeable which means you can design multiple pockets and

change them as per your needs! A whole new look for a whole new day.

Customized Sweatshirt Pockets on the Go!

Customers rarely have any say in the garments they choose to buy – they are mass-manufactured and

sold, allowing for minimal user input. However, with a little bit of creativity and assistance from the

VELCRO products, you can revolutionize the way you dress up by adding a touch of beauty and

aesthetics to your garments. A sweatshirt pocket can definitely be classic and spiffy, and it is definitely

an eye-catcher if it is self-customized using your own patterns and sizes! Creativity does take you a long


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