DIY Gadget Case Using VELCRO

Are you looking to customize the cases of your tablets or phones? At times, it may become difficult to

find the right casing for your gadget. Creativity is within your mind, and you have an idea of what you

want your case to look like, but you just can't find one like it. But why go out to purchase a case when

you can have one designed and made all by yourself? All you need is a little bit of creativity along with a

padded envelope, fabric materials, spray adhesives and the VELCRO tape or hook and loop, or Strenco Products. It is the same thing. Once you have these

materials, you are good to go!

Materials Required

 Fabric material

 Padded envelope

 Spray adhesive

 VELCRO Brand Ultra-Mate Black Spots

 Scissors

Do It Yourself – Your Very Own Case

Step 1: Let’s get the measurement and cutting done

We will use the padded envelope as a base to help get the measurements of the fabric we need to cut

using the scissors. Fortunately, the envelope comes in sizes which are perfect for fitting both mobile

phones and tablets. Place the fabric on top of the envelope such that it covers it up nicely. Include an

extra inch to your measurements at the bottom and sides and extra fabric on top to allow it to wrap

around as a closing. Cut a second piece which would be placed on the back; this would be identical to

the previous piece excluding the extra bit which would wrap at the top.

Step 2: Attach the fabric to the envelope

Using the spray adhesive, attach the envelope to the fabric along with the edges and the top flap which

would wrap around. Firmly press in order to ensure smooth attachment. To attach the other side of the

case, iron the four sides of the back panel and, once again, attach it using the spray adhesive. You now

have a nice case with a top flap which opens, but the job is not complete yet.

Step 3: Add the VELCRO Black Spots

As a finisher, we will add two VELCRO Brand Ultra-Mate Black Spots to the case in order to ensure that

the top flap would stick to the fabric and close the case. One of these spots would be on the flap, while

the other would be on the back cover. With that, you will have your complete do-it- yourself gadget


Beauty and Style – Customized to Your Needs

Using the same methods, you can go ahead and create cases of multiple sizes using fabrics of different

designs. You can be a little bit more creative and add extra decoration materials to it too! You do not

need to spend money on cases anymore as you can create your very own at home with the help of a few

materials and VELCRO products. As attached as we are to our gadgets, we can now personalize their

existence as well to match our own lifestyles.

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